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In addition to the own export and import activities involving trade with products from our commercial portfolio, we offer companies a quick analysis and proposals for potential business partners in the Czech Republic (CR) or Taiwan (TW), mediation of business contacts with them, and consequential consultation and assistance in the realization of trade relationship. In this work, we can rely in particular on the experience of people from our team who are originally from both the CR and TW. Arranging business contacts and advisory activity is not confined only to sectors of our commercial portfolio, but we are also open to enter some other sectors.

  • export / import between the Czech Republic (CR) and Taiwan (TW), occasionally also with China
  • an analysis mapping the market in CR and TW for a given field and suggesting potential partners for business transactions between the two countries
  • mediation of contacts with potential business partners in CR and TW
  • mediation of trade between the CR and TW
  • advice and assistance in trade between the CR and TW