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TPtrade s.r.o. is focused on trading activities and services related to the export and the import, mainly between the Czech Republic and Taiwan. Behind establishing the company, one can find a compact team of people with knowledge of specific cultures and trade peculiarities of both the countries (see a brief description of the countries) and with established business contacts in several industrial fields (see commercial portfolio). In addition to the own export and import activities, we advise and assist looking for suitable business partners and the realization of a given trade (see our services).


The trade orientation of our company to Taiwan is resulting from the country’s economic status. In Taiwan, a mature market pro-export-oriented economy is built. This economy gave rise to a dense network of small and medium sized enterprises able to respond flexibly to the requirements of business partners and to the changes in the global economy. Furthermore, Taiwanese economy is highly knowledge-based economy thanks to the network of elite public universities (National Taiwan University - ranked as 63rd in the world) and research institutes (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, ROC). This implies the possibility of cooperation with a number of Taiwanese companies specializing in fields such as MEMS, advanced materials, medical applications, etc. Despite this highly developed economy, Taiwan can maintain a relatively low cost of labour, resulting in high export potential.